1000 Yeses

[INSTA] GenChurch 1000 Yeses

This past Sunday we looked at the marks of true conversion from Ephesians 2:1-10 in preperation for our first anniversary celebration as a church family.

We talk often about baptism, discipleship, evangelism, loving our neighbors; especially the poor, mission and church planting. The heart behind this sermon and season is for us to remember that all of this flows from being people who are supernaturally alive, boasting in God’s grace and living out God’s mission in the world.  We need to remember the foundation for why we now exist and the truth about what we have been saved from and saved for in this vaporous life.

True conversion isn’t about making one decision to believe and follow Jesus but a lifetime of yeses in response to God’s glorious grace.

Here’s a helpful quote from Marshall Segal:

“The good news of Jesus doesn’t stop with forgiveness. We treat grace like it’s God’s big eraser for our every wrong or mistake. But God does not only mean to rub the page clean. No, he intends to write a new story in sin’s place, replacing what was once broken, wicked and dead with love, faithfulness, and life. The gospel doesn’t just get us out of hell; it also makes us new. Grace doesn’t just help us shed the weight of past sins; it empowers us to feel and live differently.”

May we continue to live as easter people and follow the leadership of the Spirit in this season of celebration.

Pastor Stephen

Sermon: 1000 Yeses –  https://soundcloud.com/generationchurchri/1000-yeses