24 Hours of Prayer (Prayer Guide)


Our church family is using the upcoming Wednesday’s for a focused 24 hour prayer time. We’ll have hour time slots available for everyone. If you want to be included and get updates about specific prayer requests please let us know. We’ll begin at the towers and courtyard in Narragansett for those who can make it and then people will be praying throughout South County for the rest of the 24 hours. As we get prepared for our first fall together as a church family in South County we believe there is no better way to enter this new and exciting season then through worship and prayer.

With you in Christ,

Generation Church

“Lord revive us again, so that your people may rejoice in you.” Psalm 85:6

24-Hours of Prayer // Prayer Guide 

Feel free to use this guide to pray through the full-hour that you’ve signed up. Spending 15 minutes on each letter in the P.R.A.Y. acronym will take up the whole hour. Below, there are specific ways to pray through each letter, and a Psalm given to read and inspire your prayers. Read through the guide before praying, so that you use minimal time reading and more time actually praying during your hour!

P. R. A. Y.

Praise. Psalm 33

Remind yourself what God is like, remember Jesus’ words “If you’ve seen me you’ve seen the Father”. Remember what He means to you, thank Him for the good things you have. Thank God for his creation. Thank God for being a new creation. Give thanks for God Himself through Jesus.

If you find your thoughts wandering, use the Psalm by reading it through and choosing a set of 2 or 3 verses that stand out to you. Repeat them to yourself slowly, in your mind or out-loud, 3-4 times. Close your eyes and envision what’s being said as you recite them. Once you have digested them, move on to another set, or give thanks for whatever else God leads you to.

Repent. Psalm 130

Be honest with yourself and with God, He already knows all your wrongdoing, be specific as you ask for forgiveness. Don’t brush over things that may come up that you didn’t think you needed forgiveness for. God could be bringing them up! He offers forgiveness.

Take a few minutes to allow God to show you the reasons-behind your sin. Use the Psalm by picking out one or two verses to repeat slowly 4-5 times, and listen for the thoughts that the Holy Spirit may interrupt with to show you those reasons. Beware of any self-condemning thoughts or shame, those are not God!

Ask. Psalm 123

Spend about 5 or-so minutes on requests for 1) yourself and those close to you, 2) our church community, as well as the people and local land where we live, and 3) followers of Jesus & other needs around the world.

The towns where we live: Ask God to lead our church community to the places where we can best see Him transform people’s lives. Pray for God to inspire you and each one of us to serve Him in some specific way in our church community.

Ferguson, Missouri: Pray that God would ensure the best-possible-outcome in the case of the shooting of Michael Brown. Ask God to filter out lies from truth, and for us to be pure-hearted and free from hatred in our discussions of this case with others.

Syria & Iraq: Pray for the persecuted Christians in those countries, that God would provide safety and refuge, and that their hearts would not be bitter, but that they’d have peace in their hearts. Pray for God to touch the hearts of high-ranking men in the terrorist group ISIS, Jesus commanded us to pray for those who persecute us. Also pray that God would orchestrate a pathway to peace, and that followers of Jesus would be central in that pathway.

Ukraine: A civil war in Eastern Ukraine is devastating civilians; pray that God would orchestrate a diplomatic solution. Pray for any Christians who are in the area, that they would be agents of peace and reconciliation, and not hatred between ethnic Russians and Ukrainians.

Yield. Psalm 131

Our prayers will have an impact, and now we can rest trusting that God is good. He has been, and will continue-to, work for the best-possible-outcome in every request we bring.

The analogy in Psalm 131 is of a child who is no longer just using his mother for food like infants do, but now is growing-up, and is content just to be with her.

Take a few minutes to enjoy God, recite a portion of the Psalm if it helps to focus. For all who trust in Jesus as God, He promised that the Holy Spirit would live through us. The Holy Spirit is with you where you are, in this moment.