A Passion For God’s Global Glory

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Meet Lindsay Drew:

Lindsay, has been a huge part of Generation in these early days of church planting in South County.

Our vision from the beginning is that the people of God would see that they are a part of the global movement and mission of God. The Church has been given the joyful responsibility to spread the good news of Jesus from Rhode Island, Fiji and beyond.

Lindsay, is living out this reality as she continues to remind us that we all have been sent by God both locally and globally to be a blessing and ambassador to the world in Jesus name.

Please read below about Lindsay’s upcoming trip to West Africa and ways that you can partner with Lindsay in her Gospel ministry.


My name is Lindsay. I have recently been given an incredible opportunity to serve in Mali, West Africa for 6 months.

I will be helping in many ways, such as teaching English to local workers of an established hospital (upon request) as French is the main language. I will also be focusing my efforts on reaching the school for the Deaf in the area and helping in any way I can to promote equal opportunities, equal education, and to share the love of Jesus Christ.

I have previously had the privilege of serving at the Gospel School for the Deaf in Fiji for over 1 year and I hope the training and experience I gained there will only enhance my time in Mali. I am looking forward to making many more memories such as these with the Deaf students of Mali, but I need your help to get me there. Thank you for your help!”

Read more below about Lindsay and consider partnering with her for God’s global glory.