A Prayer of Hope


During our Easter Sunday celebration we had a moment of silence and a prayer of hope in response to the recent deaths related to drug overdoses in Rhode Island this year. A number that seems to be growing, especially among the youth.

All accidental overdose deaths, whether caused by illicit or prescription drugs, continue to increase and remain a leading cause of accidental death, with about four overdose deaths per week investigated by the Medical Examiner’s Office in 2014.

January | 22
February | 21

We had a moment of silence and a prayer of hope for all those who have died and for their friends and family. We committed to continuing to pray and work together in Christ to see these statistics not only decrease but one day to be completely erased. We believe that on the cross and in the resurrection of Jesus; the lasting power of death has been defeated and God is renewing all things. We mourn over these statistics of addiction and death but we mourn with hope. The hope of Easter.

Pray with us that more of God’s kingdom will continue to come in Rhode Island as it is in heaven.