A Thousand Generations


A Thousand Generations 

Easter Message 2016 

“Jesus is good, his unfailing love endures forever and his faithfulness continues to all generations” Psalm 100:5

God is faithful in each generation.

A thousand generations.

Easter reminds us of this overwhelming reality. Overwhelming and undeniable like the sun that rises and blinds us with breathtaking beauty.

This overwhelming reality is an exuberant call to worship. An infectious invitation not to continue to worship creation and God’s 10,000 blessings but to worship our Creator. God’s faithfulness is an invitation to all the earth to praise and rejoice in our faithful and resurrected King and Savior.

Good News In A Bad News World

The truth is that we have exalted and worshiped God’s 10,000 blessings over the greatest blessing. The story of humanity is that we have worshiped creation over our Creator. This is the roots and the marks of our story from the beginning.

We have all descended from one man. A very good man; a man, a person and a human like us. People made in God’s glorious image but a people no matter our creeds or deeds, denominations or dogma, religion or irreligion who have forgotten and become dead to the presence of our living Father and have become deaf to the promises of our Maker. We were created for endless life but we have turned to endless death.

The results of the human story has not only shattered our relationship with God but our idolatry and rebellion has infected and led creation to chaos and to the brink of destruction. But Easter. But God. In a world of bad news, we are now a people of good news.

A new man has entered human history not only as a very good man but a perfect man. Jesus, a man who claimed to be God. A man who is God. The perfect God-man who flourished in our humanity and yet was still pierced for our transgressions, condemned and crucified for our sins, in our idolatrous  place.

This momentary tragedy happened in the midst of perfect beauty because our good Father knew that only his Son, our Redeemer and Reviver could awaken the generations and restore us to lasting and overwhelmingly satisfying relationship with Him. Only God can take a land, a county, a city, a world of white wash tombs, a land of spiritual dead people, a world of death and revive us to abundant life. Only God can renew all of his creation. And this is what God has done and is doing.

Jesus didn’t stay dead. It’s no longer Saturday. God is alive. The tomb is empty, our God has robbed the grave. The resurrection of Jesus is the great rebuttal against the once irrefutable reality of death. We were all on our way to the ground six feet deep to face everlasting death but Jesus stood up from the grave in our place to give us everlasting breath.

Victory Over Death

So the invitation is to look again, look not only to the sun that rises again through waves of countless blessings and eye awakening mercy but to look to Jesus and be in awe of his grace and faithfulness. Look again with fresh perspective or look for the first time and be in awe of God’s power through the resurrection and to the promise that in Christ we have now received victory. Victory over death.

This is the glorious hope of Easter; God trampled over death by death so that we may live in the glorious light of our living hope and Savior. This glorious hope and promise is for you and for a thousand generations after us because just as the sun will rise, so to will God’s people. There is no greater news in the world.

Revive Us Again

Perhaps you have seen the Son before and have forgotten his beauty. Perhaps you have grown cold or old like winter and need the warmth of our Father’s faithful embrace. Perhaps you don’t know why you are here and you are now being awakened to your God who was and is always there. However and whoever you are, rest in God’s grace and peace. Rest and be revived again. Turn to Jesus.

I believe God is looking at you and towards a thousand generations and he’s saying “I reign! I’m the exalted and risen Lord. I’m good, unfailing in my love and I’m faithful in each generation.”

God is looking out on the nations and generations and he has said “I’ve got this, I’ve got you, and I died and rose again because I want all of you. So say yes, yes to fullness of joy, yes to freedom, yes to peace, yes to love, yes to victory, yes to abundant life.”

So we say yes to Jesus, our faithful and famous God. And when we forget or fail or both, we remember in the words of Martin Luther; “that our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.” And I’ll add in every sunrise.

Praise the Lord!

Pastor Stephen Mook

Sermon Link Audio: A Thousand Generations