[INSTA] GenChurch Access

“For through Jesus we have access in one Spirit to the Father.” Ephesians 2:18

Our vision for this summer is that our community would be marked by throwing good parties and spending time with God in prayer.

This past Sunday in our Endless Summer sermon series we looked at prayer. One of the greatest supernatural blessings that we now have in Christ is prayer; the ability to have instant access with our Father. This is a remarkable reality. We have 24/7 access with the One that matters the most and satisfies the most.

1. Remember How We Have Instant Access.

We need to constantly remember the Gospel. We have instant access with God because of Jesus and through Jesus. No matter our past, no matter our sins, no matter how long it has been; through Jesus we have instant access to our Father. Religion or looking at our good or bad morality can often keep us from the real power and presence that comes when we pray not in our name or performance but in Jesus’ name and performance.

2. Enjoying God

Prayer is not something that we have to do but that we get to do for the greater enjoyment of God. We are often quick to pray for our specific needs and forget that our greatest need is for our souls to be satisfied in God. A great pattern to begin that will sustain us in prayer and help us enjoy God is praying the Psalms. Psalm 146 is a great example. Throughout the Psalms and Scripture we are reminded of the character and promises of our Father.

Enjoying God through private prayer is so monumental because in the words of Tim Keller “your private prayer life is one of the key indicators that your Christianity is inner and true and not just the product of your environment.”

3. Praying For This Generation (and generations to come) 

We are invited to greater depths with God as we pray for his faithfulness and fame to be on display in each generation. When we remember that we have instant access with our Father through Christ and we truly enjoy God in prayer; the Holy Spirit will lead us again and again to pray boldly for this generation and generations to come. This happens when parents pray for their children and their children’s children. This happens when we pray for counties, cities and nations; teachers, schools, universities and countless places and people of influence with the hope to see the kingdom of Jesus come on earth as it is in heaven.

We pray for this generation and generations to come because our “prayers are deathless they outlive the lives of those who uttered them.” E.M. Bounds

These three points are not at all exhaustive but simply three anchors that we hope will be helpful as we learn together to pray constantly and keep in step with the Spirit in our mission to spread the good news of God for the joy of all generations and the global fame of Jesus.