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The Gospel and the Sanctity of Human Life

Many things change when you become a dad. Even though it’s only been over a year now for me, it’s still hard to remember life without our son. But things have changed, every parent realizes this and yet has little time to process all the changes while hoping to have at least one date night… Read more »

We Should Grieve

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King Jr.  Reflections on Eric Garner We Should Grieve… We should grieve because he was made in the image of God. We should grieve for his family. We should grieve because we don’t want to raise our children in a culture and country where any injustice… Read more »

Praying for Ferguson

It’s understandable and often overwhelmingly easy to believe and feel that our prayers do very little to change anything. Especially when it comes to global or national events such as Ferguson. However, we believe in the power of prayer. We believe that prayer changes things both personally and globally. This is why we are praying… Read more »

Michael Brown and My White Son

Why would a young white local pastor and church planter from South Kingstown Rhode Island write about Micheal Brown and Ferguson Missouri? I don’t want to tell my son one day that I was silent during another historic moment in our country as a pastor and follower of Jesus. This morning as I held my son in… Read more »