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A Prayer of Hope

During our Easter Sunday celebration we had a moment of silence and a prayer of hope in response to the recent deaths related to drug overdoses in Rhode Island this year. A number that seems to be growing, especially among the youth. All accidental overdose deaths, whether caused by illicit or prescription drugs, continue to… Read more »

Praying for Ferguson

It’s understandable and often overwhelmingly easy to believe and feel that our prayers do very little to change anything. Especially when it comes to global or national events such as Ferguson. However, we believe in the power of prayer. We believe that prayer changes things both personally and globally. This is why we are praying… Read more »


“Lord, revive us again so that your people may rejoice in you.” Psalm 85:6 Join us every Wednesday morning by the Narragansett Pier towers. We will praise God, pray for one another and pray for the people of South County. We have been using the acronym P.R.A.Y.  in these early days as a helpful guide… Read more »