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We are excited to begin a new series through the letter of Galatians leading up to Easter Sunday. The Apostle Paul wrote this letter in the 1st century to a group of churches who were just beginning to find their voice. The pulse of this passionate and personal letter from the Apostle was anchored in… Read more »

1000 Yeses

This past Sunday we looked at the marks of true conversion from Ephesians 2:1-10 in preperation for our first anniversary celebration as a church family. We talk often about baptism, discipleship, evangelism, loving our neighbors; especially the poor, mission and church planting. The heart behind this sermon and season is for us to remember that all… Read more »

A Passion For God’s Global Glory

Meet Lindsay Drew: Lindsay, has been a huge part of Generation in these early days of church planting in South County. Our vision from the beginning is that the people of God would see that they are a part of the global movement and mission of God. The Church has been given the joyful responsibility… Read more »

The Movement of Jesus

There have been many famous people, kings and kingdoms that have come and gone in the history of the world. In 2015, there is one name and kingdom that reigns above all and one person whose fame continues to spread to the ends of the earth. Jesus. The Church is ultimately about the movement of… Read more »

The Gospel and the Sanctity of Human Life

Many things change when you become a dad. Even though it’s only been over a year now for me, it’s still hard to remember life without our son. But things have changed, every parent realizes this and yet has little time to process all the changes while hoping to have at least one date night… Read more »

The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation

I remember first learning about Martin Luther King Jr and the civil rights movement at West Kingston elementary school. I memorized his I Have A Dream speech and would practice my own delivery to my classmates. I was riveted by his conviction and courage. My dad is a preacher and the fact that M.L.K. was… Read more »

In Rhode Island As It Is In Heaven

Here’s a brief recap of our launch series through the Lord’s prayer. The movement of Jesus is unstoppable. This is why Generation Church was planted in South County. The prayer that Jesus teaches his followers to pray reminds us of this reality. The Lord’s Prayer is more then just a ritualistic prayer that religious people pray but… Read more »

We Should Grieve

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King Jr.  Reflections on Eric Garner We Should Grieve… We should grieve because he was made in the image of God. We should grieve for his family. We should grieve because we don’t want to raise our children in a culture and country where any injustice… Read more »