Finally Alive


December 14, 2014 was an unforgettable celebration for our church family. We celebrated the good news that Jesus doesn’t just make us good but Jesus makes us alive. Finally alive.

One of the great joys of this season has been seeing God’s faithfulness and grace on display through endless stories of people waking up to the wonder and imperishable joy of Jesus.  One of the brightest ways that we see God’s faithfulness and grace on display is through the celebration of baptism. Baptism isn’t just a rite of passage that good religious people do at a certain age but baptism is a testimony that religious people and people far from God can be raised to new life in Christ. Baptism declares to the world that we are finally alive by God’s glorious grace.

When God gave us a burden to come back to South County to start Generation Church it wasn’t to advance religion or keep our faith private. No. We came back to South County to spread the fame of Jesus to a land and people that we love. We had a kingdom dream to see Jesus exalted in the lives of the religious and irreligious. We had a kingdom dream to see South County awakened to the imperishable joy of God. We wanted to create a welcoming space for everyone to hear and respond to the greatest news in the world because if we can be passionate about sports, education, the environment, our children, sports, local politics and beyond; we can consider and even possibly get passionate about Jesus with our lives. 

This is why Sunday’s baptism celebration was unforgettable. It was a reminder that the movement of Jesus doesn’t only advance through passionate church planters and pastors but the movement of Jesus advances through passionate followers of Jesus who have been given a glorious mission to make disciples and spread the good news of God for the joy of all generations and the global fame of Jesus.

This Sunday we were reminded about why we start new churches. We were reminded that God is faithful and the movement of Jesus is unstoppable.

Pastor Stephen Mook