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We are excited to begin a new series through the letter of Galatians leading up to Easter Sunday.

The Apostle Paul wrote this letter in the 1st century to a group of churches who were just beginning to find their voice. The pulse of this passionate and personal letter from the Apostle was anchored in the hope that the Gospel that the Church first received wouldn’t continue to be distorted in their lives and community.

The Gospel had been distorted and this distortion had come from within the Church. The Apostle Paul’s desire is that the Church would again receive the Gospel because the freedom of the Gospel is the only way we can be transformed for God’s glory. The people of God have been given a mission to spread the good news of Jesus and keep in step with Spirit in every generation. This happens when we remember the undistorted Gospel of Jesus.

Our good Father wants us to see every relationship through the lens of the Gospel/Good News of Jesus. The Gospel is our ultimate hope for true human flourishing. The miracle of God’s rescuing grace and the heart of the undistorted Gospel of Jesus is that there is nothing we have ever done or will ever do that brings us into true relationship with God our Father. To good to be true? No! This is why we sing “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me.”

May we remember and flourish in the freedom of Christ. This is our prayer and hope for Generation Church and the larger Church in our region.

See you Sunday and throughout the week in South County.

Here’s the link to week one: