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Generation 2.0 (Praying and Fasting)


This week we began a focused 20 days of prayer and fasting, leading up to our 2 year celebration since our big launch in South County.

No matter where you are on the journey of faith, we want to encourage you to take 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at lunch time and 20 minutes at night. Pray specifically for our church family, your family, your neighborhood, your town, your workplace, your communities, this region and world.

I’ve been using a simple acronym (CLAY) that the Lord gave me that has been helpful. I hope it encourages you. It was awakened out of a specific verse that has impacted me greatly over the years, “But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7

C – communion with God. We have 24/7 instant access with our Father because of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus. Converse with our infinite yet intimate God. We are children in relationship with our Father. With your Bible open, remember God’s character, his holiness, wisdom, love, beauty, majesty, grace and mercy. God is with us and for us in Christ!

L – listening to God. With your Bible open, eyes and ears open, heart humbled with a posture of dependence on God, listen to God. God speaks through his glorious Word, creation and the church, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

A – asking God. Ask God specifically for God’s glory to shine brightly in your life, church, work, South County and world. Ask God for specific things. Ask boldly and confidently in Christ. We can offend God when we don’t ask big and bold requests. The focus isn’t on us but the greatness of our God. Jesus reminds us that we don’t receive because we often don’t ask in faith. So, ask boldly!

Y – yielding to God. As we pray and seek God, we yield, we rest; remembering his ability and power to do immeasurably more through us and around us in Christ!

Much more can and will be said about prayer, but I encourage you to lean into God over these 20 days. I also encourage you to consider fasting for one meal. Feel free to do more as the Spirit leads you. I’ve often found that lunch time is the best time for me but it’s different for everyone. If you have specific questions, please connect with me.

We pray and fast to remember that God is truly most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. We pray and fast to remember that Jesus is living water and the bread of life. We are completely dependent on God and we need to remember this liberating reality.

Important to remember that you are loved and accepted, no matter how much you pray or fast. This isn’t for the “spiritually serious Christians” but a great oppurtunity for all of us to seek God together.

Finally and ultimately, these days are about celebrating God’s faithfulness and stories of revival over the last few years. Celebrating and asking God to do it again in abundance. We are asking God to awaken within us a greater awareness of his activity all around us and his power within us.

We worship and follow Jesus, the only true God, who is full of abundance. May we continue to lean into his abundant promises. This church, God’s church, was birthed on this promise “the Lord is good, his unfailing love endures forever and his faithfulness continues to each generation.” Psalm 100:5

Praise the Lord! Amazing grace and mercy!

We are revived to see revival…

The best days are ahead,

Pastor Stephen + Lindsay

“The knowledge of God’s Father-love is the first and simplest, but also the last and highest lesson in the school of prayer.” Andrew Murray



We are excited for our Fall series through Jesus’ sermon on the mount. We’ll be looking at God’s vision for us to be the light of the world in this generation.

We have been revived in Christ to shine a light, not curse the darkness.

See you Sunday’s and in Community Groups throughout the week in South County.


Waves of Revival


We refuse to be satisfied with being a church that is less than what is offered in Scripture. Greater days are ahead for Jesus people who lean into the supernatural leadership of the Spirit. See you Sunday at the Pier Theater and throughout South County during the week in Community Groups for our summer series through Acts.

God’s Spirit is moving mightily in waves all around the world; from China, Africa, New York City, to Rhode Island and beyond.

Our responsibility as Jesus people, like experience surfers, is to recognize a wave of God’s Spirit and ride it.

It’s not our responsibility to make waves but to recognize how God is working in the world and join him in the adventure of seeing ourselves and people made in God’s image revived by the good news of Jesus.

This is why we exist.

We are not spectators to the waves but people of purpose who are in awe of the riches of God’s mercy and led by the Spirit to jump into God’s movement of new creation.

Only God can breath new life into a valley of dry bones. Only God can create waves.

Waves of revival.

What a joy to join our Sovereign Lord in this supernatural reality and lean into the leadership of the Spirit.

Sermon Series video:

Latest Sermon:



A Thousand Generations


A Thousand Generations 

Easter Message 2016 

“Jesus is good, his unfailing love endures forever and his faithfulness continues to all generations” Psalm 100:5

God is faithful in each generation.

A thousand generations.

Easter reminds us of this overwhelming reality. Overwhelming and undeniable like the sun that rises and blinds us with breathtaking beauty.

This overwhelming reality is an exuberant call to worship. An infectious invitation not to continue to worship creation and God’s 10,000 blessings but to worship our Creator. God’s faithfulness is an invitation to all the earth to praise and rejoice in our faithful and resurrected King and Savior.

Good News In A Bad News World

The truth is that we have exalted and worshiped God’s 10,000 blessings over the greatest blessing. The story of humanity is that we have worshiped creation over our Creator. This is the roots and the marks of our story from the beginning.

We have all descended from one man. A very good man; a man, a person and a human like us. People made in God’s glorious image but a people no matter our creeds or deeds, denominations or dogma, religion or irreligion who have forgotten and become dead to the presence of our living Father and have become deaf to the promises of our Maker. We were created for endless life but we have turned to endless death.

The results of the human story has not only shattered our relationship with God but our idolatry and rebellion has infected and led creation to chaos and to the brink of destruction. But Easter. But God. In a world of bad news, we are now a people of good news.

A new man has entered human history not only as a very good man but a perfect man. Jesus, a man who claimed to be God. A man who is God. The perfect God-man who flourished in our humanity and yet was still pierced for our transgressions, condemned and crucified for our sins, in our idolatrous  place.

This momentary tragedy happened in the midst of perfect beauty because our good Father knew that only his Son, our Redeemer and Reviver could awaken the generations and restore us to lasting and overwhelmingly satisfying relationship with Him. Only God can take a land, a county, a city, a world of white wash tombs, a land of spiritual dead people, a world of death and revive us to abundant life. Only God can renew all of his creation. And this is what God has done and is doing.

Jesus didn’t stay dead. It’s no longer Saturday. God is alive. The tomb is empty, our God has robbed the grave. The resurrection of Jesus is the great rebuttal against the once irrefutable reality of death. We were all on our way to the ground six feet deep to face everlasting death but Jesus stood up from the grave in our place to give us everlasting breath.

Victory Over Death

So the invitation is to look again, look not only to the sun that rises again through waves of countless blessings and eye awakening mercy but to look to Jesus and be in awe of his grace and faithfulness. Look again with fresh perspective or look for the first time and be in awe of God’s power through the resurrection and to the promise that in Christ we have now received victory. Victory over death.

This is the glorious hope of Easter; God trampled over death by death so that we may live in the glorious light of our living hope and Savior. This glorious hope and promise is for you and for a thousand generations after us because just as the sun will rise, so to will God’s people. There is no greater news in the world.

Revive Us Again

Perhaps you have seen the Son before and have forgotten his beauty. Perhaps you have grown cold or old like winter and need the warmth of our Father’s faithful embrace. Perhaps you don’t know why you are here and you are now being awakened to your God who was and is always there. However and whoever you are, rest in God’s grace and peace. Rest and be revived again. Turn to Jesus.

I believe God is looking at you and towards a thousand generations and he’s saying “I reign! I’m the exalted and risen Lord. I’m good, unfailing in my love and I’m faithful in each generation.”

God is looking out on the nations and generations and he has said “I’ve got this, I’ve got you, and I died and rose again because I want all of you. So say yes, yes to fullness of joy, yes to freedom, yes to peace, yes to love, yes to victory, yes to abundant life.”

So we say yes to Jesus, our faithful and famous God. And when we forget or fail or both, we remember in the words of Martin Luther; “that our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.” And I’ll add in every sunrise.

Praise the Lord!

Pastor Stephen Mook

Sermon Link Audio: A Thousand Generations

What Do You See


Having Spiritual vision propels us to fulfill God’s mission.

Last weekend a group of us from Generation Church gathered to see. We gathered to see what God was doing and to be amazed! It was a holy moment. We got to experience a piece of the Kingdom of God in real time.

Months earlier God put on my heart the story of Elisha and his servant in 2 Kings 6. It was about spiritual sight and living according to the true reality of God rather than the circumstances around us. Elisha was so in tune with the Spirit of God that no earthly circumstance was going to rattle him. It felt like a perfect story for us to study at the retreat.

We all felt it. The Scriptures came alive to us and then the reality of the journey and mission God has for us came alive as well, as leaders from our church shared what God is doing in our midst. We got excited, not because it was a good Bible study or a nice time together (although both of those are true). We got excited because we started to see what it looks like to be on mission together. And that, my friends, is how God designed it.

Even in 2nd Kings we see it. Israel was chosen by God from all the other nations. Not for their own sake (although they would be blessed), but for the rest of creation. They were blessed by God to be a blessing to the whole world.

But they lost their way. They hoarded their blessing, and worse, they turned to other gods and started to live just like everyone else around them. They lost sight of God and therefore they lost sight of the mission He had for them.

In this story, God delivers the enemies of Israel to them on a silver platter through Elisha. Instead of just doing what everyone else does, kill, he King of Israel asks Elisha, “What should we do?” Elisha tells them to feed their enemies, to bless them and send them on their way.

Israel became a blessing to their neighbors, not an enemy. And it created peace. They were, even if just for a short time, fulfilling the mission God had intended for them. And it was because they sought God and to see things how He sees things.

The same is true for us. It’s so easy for us to forget that we (the church) exist solely for the mission of God, to reconcile all of creation to the creator. But when we seek the will of God and see things with spiritual vision it propels us to mission.

It reminds us why we exist and we get excited. Not because it’s hip and trendy or it’s the cool new thing. It’s been the thing since the Church (and even Israel) began. When we live into God’s purpose for us we feel alive, because we are abiding in the only true source of life. And that source, Jesus, calls us, equips us, and sends us into His mission.

May we continue see with spiritual sight so that we may be a blessing to those around us to see the Gospel go forth throughout South County and beyond.

Ryan Lospaluto


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We are excited to begin a new series through the letter of Galatians leading up to Easter Sunday.

The Apostle Paul wrote this letter in the 1st century to a group of churches who were just beginning to find their voice. The pulse of this passionate and personal letter from the Apostle was anchored in the hope that the Gospel that the Church first received wouldn’t continue to be distorted in their lives and community.

The Gospel had been distorted and this distortion had come from within the Church. The Apostle Paul’s desire is that the Church would again receive the Gospel because the freedom of the Gospel is the only way we can be transformed for God’s glory. The people of God have been given a mission to spread the good news of Jesus and keep in step with Spirit in every generation. This happens when we remember the undistorted Gospel of Jesus.

Our good Father wants us to see every relationship through the lens of the Gospel/Good News of Jesus. The Gospel is our ultimate hope for true human flourishing. The miracle of God’s rescuing grace and the heart of the undistorted Gospel of Jesus is that there is nothing we have ever done or will ever do that brings us into true relationship with God our Father. To good to be true? No! This is why we sing “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me.”

May we remember and flourish in the freedom of Christ. This is our prayer and hope for Generation Church and the larger Church in our region.

See you Sunday and throughout the week in South County.

Here’s the link to week one:


My Revival

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Generation Church exists to see people revived by the good news of Jesus.

The heart of this new series for 2016 grew from the reality that revival starts with us remembering that the Reviver lives within us. We continue to pray and believe that this is the reason why God has made us a church family in South County for the glory of his name.

Our hope for 2016 is that as we continue to pray for our region to be revived by the good news of Jesus, we will first seek to see revival in our own private lives and homes. We pray that a foundation on God’s grace will be formed through meditating on Scripture, private prayer, being filled with the Spirit and remembering that finding our joy in Jesus is the most important duty of our lives.

We are looking forward to seeing you throughout 2016.

Let’s lean into the arms of our almighty Father through Christ our Reviver in the power of the Spirit.


Christmas Offering

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This season we are excited about our Generation Christmas Offering opportunity!

Generation Church exists so that the people of South County and Rhode Island will be revived by the good news of Jesus. We get to be a part of this together.

Advent is a perfect time to participate in God’s Kingdom work through joyful generosity as we remember His promise to send Jesus who would overcome sin and death forever.

This Christmas offering will go to three strategic areas, Plant, Water, and Grow, that are at the heart of our vision.

Find our more information here about our Christmas offering:

You can give directly online here:

Thank you for your gospel partnership!


This is War – Advent at Generation

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We would love to see you this Advent season.

Advent is a season observed by many Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of Jesus at Christmas.

This Christmas we will be reminded that the birth of Jesus that we normally speak of as peaceful, quiet, and mild, was ultimately the most momentous event in the history of mankind.

It is the equivalent of D-day. God is on the ground, in the trenches; God as man. Christmas is about the reality that God has waged war not against people or other religions but against sin, evil and death bringing good news of great joy that is available for everyone throughout the world